The Mystery Car????


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Well it's going to be tricky. They probably want you to post it in the auto category, which is going to have a $40 listing fee, and will also ask you for details specs about the car.

That's really annoying that eBay pulled it. It was such a cool idea too. I'd see how generic you can make a car listing in the autos section. Hopefully it will work out there..
Well, I think that the Ebay Motors category for "Other Vechicles", "Other" will work because it does not require specific details, just the overall description. Does anyone think that the new listing will work and will get me back to the "most watched"? I am only worried about getting kicked off Ebay for good because of "bad listings"/violations of policy. Anyone know how many you can have, violations? Thanks


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I'm so sorry ( mnsswift ) that eBAY pulled it. :( I was rooting for you.!. But here is a thought .? How abought you put the car in a crate and call it the "mystery crate". Label it as " Brought to you by the "Mystery Car ?"... Just don't say it's a car..Let eBAY figure it out. You knever know it might just work.... :cool:


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Well, I have been kicked off twice and each time I made sure to post why in my next listing, so eBay knows I am aware of it and trying to do things right. I said something like:

"eBay removed my listing because.. (insert reason here). I have fixed the problems, and have relisted. eBay, if there are any problems with this listing, please let me know and I will be happy to fix them. Thanks"

Just something that shows that you are trying to do things right. I don't know how items in eBay motors show up in normal searches or not though. I would think they do, but I'm not sure. Good luck with everything though!

As for the mystery crate idea, you may want to try "Mystery Car Shaped Snow Pile!" Or just "Mystery Snow Pile!" The picture is pretty obvious. That might be something to considder too, since you will get more hits staying in the normal eBay.


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Big Bummer :( Was watching this one! Please post a link for us when you do re list so we can all watch it again. Wishing you lots of luck!
The "Mystey Snow Covered Car" is back !!! I invite everyone to check out the new listing. Item # 4540714089 on Ebay. You can type in mystery car and the listing can be found also. I appreciate the overwhelming interest in my auction. Thanks.


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I don't really get this.

Someone lists a mystery car but they have a pic of a bright yellow corvette right next to it. How is that a mystery?

The car with the snow over it sounds like it is interesting, but the pic with the corvette kind of makes you wonder. It also says "The Original" Mystery car. What do people do, see an idea and then EVERYONE does the same thing?