The Mystery Car????


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Kinda shaped like an older vette (hey anyone wanna buy one? Hubby's been promising for 2 yrs to get rid of the thing but geee he keeps stalling. Tempted to put it on Ebay for a buck just to get it out of my garage....ummmm how much do divorce attorneys cost)? :D Anyway back to the subject.....LOVE the "building" it is in. Lovely walls. That frame is offering a whole bunch of protection....ahhh why bother? Shipping from AK would be a big minus on this one! (unless of course you're from AK :))


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$5,500.00 and climbing .Go baby Go!! :lol: :cool: This is going to be a good one to watch. Pull out the lawn chairs and call the pizza guy it's going it be an interesting show...... :lol:


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Who knows. I know the guy selling it is a member here. Maybe he will let us know what happened. Good luck to him in getting it back up and running.
Hello people, I am the guy who had the "Snow Covered Car Mystery Auction". Ebay pulled the listing because they said that it was listed in the wrong category. It made it to # 2 most watched, over 13,000 views, over 650 watchers, and $5600.00 before being pulled. I want to put it back up asap but need help not to get it pulled again. Thanks.