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The Muscle Wars!


Do What Thou Wilt
Alright, Between 1964 and I guess you can say 1972, Detroit was at war. The Muscle Wars! Pontiac kicked it off with the GTO, and the rest is history (MOPAR fans will say the Duster, but whatever).

Well, now the Muscle cars are. Sort of. The Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger, are all here. They aren't Muscle cars per-se, (they are all packing small blocks, but, whatever), but they are classics. But Detroit is packing heat.

So, who is best? Camaro, Mustang, or Challenger? And for some discussion, lets include the Z28 (slotted to come back very soon), and the GT500. (Dodge is dumb so they don't have an equivalent :lol:).

I'm a die hard Chevy guy, so I have to say the Camaro is the best. and the Z28 is slotted as a GT500 killer, packing more power, and more torque. Not to mention its supposed to be lighter. Chevy's have always had the best motors, and the LS3 is deffinitely the best motor out their, despite being a over head valve set up, it delivers the most torque, and is the lightest.

but despite the motor, I'll concede, the Mustang is the faster car. It has a better 1/4 mile, and a better 0-60 time, but thats because the new 5.0 has what would normally be aftermarket headers as stock, and is 100LBs lighter. But, hopefully by the 2012 model year, chevy will have a new lighter, more powerful, motor, and they will trim about 150 pounds off its curb weight.
The Mustang only wins because of headers and a solid axle. Yippie.


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Oh boy, someone is talking smack about the mighty MOPAR?????? :lol:

Seriously, I would have to agree, Ford's Mustang has some impressive numbers and the 2010 GT500 is a sic a$$ car! they are certainly kicking it up.

Dodge is dumb in that they could be selling the $hit out of the Challenger if they didn't have such a high price tag. I would prefer to have a Hemi Challenger but for the price diff, I'd get the Camaro instead just because I'm not a big Ford fan.

So, price-wise it would have to be the Camaro
But for aesthetics the Hemi Challenger is kick butt
Performance 2010 GT500

So there, I have decided not to decide........:lol:


Do What Thou Wilt


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Are they going to have the Z28 at the Arizona Barrett Jackson's auction this year? I'd love to see it.

Your right about the 5.0L but that engine did put Ford back on the map in the 1980's. Good engine for that time..........


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
The new Camaro is an amazing car. It has a much stronger look than the current Mustang. It looks like a beast and it has the power to match. The Mustang has a good look, and the 5.0, but it's looks can't match the Camaro.


Do What Thou Wilt
I doubt the Z28 will be at Barret Jackson this year. I mean, that thing is the worst kept secret in the history of detroit, yet hardly any official details have been released. Including release date or press functions. It HAS to be out for the 2012 model year though, or may even come out halfway through 2011, if we are lucky, because the 5th gen body style is slotted to be replaced in 2013, and with so much development done on the Z28 (including Nurburgring testing and direct comparisons with the GT500), it would just be a huge waste.

I still say the 5.0 is over rated. I mean, it has the same size and weight as an old 427 big block, with the same power, and less torque. Every guy who uses a ford engine knows those things are fucking huge and heavy....