The multi-cultural surge!


Supreme System Lord
Has everyone noticed the sudden increase in the number of British members joining.

I remember when I first registered there was only a handfull of us and now it won't be long before we're challenging the Yanks in membership numbers.

Can any of you suggest reasons for this increase and do you enjoy having members from around the world?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I love having the diversity. I'm surprised we don't have more Canadians and Australians than we do.


Son of Liberty
I've been noticing the sudden surge of Brits to. I sorta just thought it was the already members just exposing the addiction to their friends.

And yeah.....there is a low amount of Canadians. I'm used to having a whole lot more around beings that pretty much every other forum I've been on has been a hockey one.


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Babe Ruth makes up for the lack of Canadians by being the #2 poster. Hopefully more will come in time.

I've noticed the surge of UKers too. Hopefully it's due to some of the recent things I've done to make the place more internationally friendly. Whatever the reason it's good to have more people from around the world. :)


Sally Twit
Yes there are a lot of Brits joining but also a lot not sticking around. That's the English for you - one night stands all the way, even Internet forums.