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The Muck Factor


What is the Muck factor? It's babysitting everyone and everything to ensure the simplest but most essential things get done. It's having to screw around extra because something is poorly designed or someone is lazy, idiotic, or cheap. Technology has long held the promise of making life easier for people, but in most cases it's done just the opposite. Why? Well it's not technology itself so often that's at fault, but rather the manner in which it is implemented.

This thread is dedicated to the things that increase the muck factor of day to day life. I mean, you've always had to go get your oil changed and oil filter replaced, yada yada, but now there are a multitude of other things in cars that need regular monitoring and maintenance. And you've always needed to replace your furnace filter, but now there's the water and humidifier filters to keep track of and change. More babysitting. You go to a fast food joint and they used to give you a drink with your meal, now they generally give you a cup. Get your own frikkin' drink. Do I get a discount for self-serve? No, the meal costs more every time I visit. Next thing they'll be handing me an apron and showing me to the grill. And getting any kind of service over the phone used to be simple. Now? 20 minutes of pressing buttons and listening to menu options to be queued for 40 minutes to talk to a person who will pass the buck to another department then hang up on you trying to transfer the call. Is it any wonder why people are getting f'n irritable?

More than half of the post boxes in the city have been removed along with every other bus stop. Taxes however keep going up. And if I do want to mail something, I can no longer get stamps at my local Mac's or 7-11. That would be just too convenient. I bought a remote for my TV recently and it was sealed like a biohazard. Oi vey!

What are the new things that have come along that have increased the muck factor in your life?

- Cham


Free Spirit
Staff member
When my phone goes out I don't like reporting it because you have to jump through hoops to do so and don't try to help you neighbor out by reporting theirs because they won't accept it. Then they threaten you with this $87.00 maintenance fee if the problem is in your house. I guess to get you to shut up and leave them alone. Never mind our phone lines are laying on the ground, it couldn't possibly be their fault. Forget about high speed internet here. The money they were given to upgrade their phone lines was spent in the city where they didn't need it, screw us.


Creeping On You
Internet firewalls/anti virus/ ad filters / windows security etc. Its nice that it exists. They do work, and that's awesome. I just hate how little control you have over them on your computer. I always turn all that stuff off on my computer. I never click a link or download a file until I've hovered and read the url, or double checked the filetype etc. Even when I'm googling for things, I tend to only click on links for results that are on webpages I've used before. Or at the very least have a .com/.org or .net. None of that .biz or .atn or something.

Needless to say, I'm very careful. Sometimes though sites that I know for sure are safe, or wanna install things I know are real (minecraft mods :p), and i get warning flags. I tried turning down the security settings, but it only lets you go so low. They idiot proof everything too much. That's why I liked linux so much. It had all the same protections and idiot proofing, but one easy way to get around all of them if you were more advanced and owned the computer. Just type in a password.

Windows always wants me to run programs as an administrator before it'll let me run em. There's no way to turn that off as far as I can tell. Makes no sense considering I only have the one profile, and so thus it should be the admin

I just wanna control mah comptutor!


One needs to be careful turning their security settings too low. Even with best practices, there are worms constantly looking for computers with vulnerabilities. One need only have their computer on and connected to the Internet to have their computer under attack. A former friend of mine once was reinstalling his Windows because his system had been hit hard by a virus. He made the mistake after reinstalling of connecting to the Internet before installing his Anti-virus and his computer got infected by the time he got it installed. That's how bad it is now. Hackers increase daily Muck factor a LOT. Thanks alot guys.

Also, adware and toolbars that want to piggyback on everything you want to download, and Chrome... If I wanted frikkin' Chrome I'd go onto their site and f'n download it myself. I must've accidentally installed it 3 times by now. I completely gave up a long time ago on uninstalling toolbars on IE. I think I must've had about 30 at one point. It got so bad that IE crashed upon loading every time. (Not that I practically ever used it anyway).

- Cham
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