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The moving date


Babeasaurus Sex
When did you move in with your partner?

Who asked who?

How did you feel that day?


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I try to avoid making terrible decisions.

Thus, it has never happened.


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Geez, been so long ago, not sure my memory can figure this one out.
Let's forget about the two marriages, because I've been divorced since 1997. But I have lived with a couple of gents since that time, and from what I recall, the gent asked me, in both cases, to move in with him, and I guess I felt "Ok", cause we had been talking and dating and stuff for a long while before we actually started living together.
But, now- look...would you look! I'm not living with a partner, so it's not meant for me :shake: :(


I'm actually moving in with my girlfriend of the last two years this August. We just signed the lease the other day. Neither one of us really asked the other that I can remember. It just kinda became the plan.


Living on the 0th floor
I can't remember exactly with my ex and I, but it was between 3 month and 6 months (WAAYYY too soon). I don't remember who asked who. He lived in a small town where work was hard to come by and I lived in the city where work was everywhere, so I probably was done hearing him complain about work and told him he could live with me and find a job. I wasn't nervous when he moved in or anything.. It didn't seem that different from our everyday life since one of us were typically staying at the other's anyway. It was way too soon though, I would never live with someone that fast ever again, even to help them out.

My current boyfriend and I have possible plans to move in together, but not until I finish school and by then we will have been together for nearly 2 years, and really, I think that is a reasonable amount of time, though if we were to wait longer, I would be just fine with it.


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I moved in with him and his parents when I was 16 and lived there off and on until we got married and moved into our own place. His parents asked me to move in since I got kicked out of my house. I didn't feel much different, I grew up staying at their house as much as I stayed at my own.


Sally Twit
When did you move in with your partner?
About three years ago.

Who asked who?
Technically neither of us haha. I moved out in to my own house and was on my own for three months. I felt really fed up, scared and alone. It was a pretty rough area.
I asked my boyfriend to come and stay with me for two weeks... And he never left.

How did you feel that day?

Well after about two months I said, "So you're practically living here" and he said, "It looks that way."
I just became used to him being there and whenever he goes back to visit his family it is horrible. I hate being alone.

I can tell you how I felt on the day of moving out from my mum and dad's house, though. Absolutely gutted. They helped me moved in and as soon as they left I burst in to tears. I was proud of myself for taking the big leap but really sad that I was on my own. It took some getting used to.


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We moved in together on April 1st of 2010. We had only been officially bf/gf for 11 days at that point, though we had been dating for a couple of months. It all happened pretty quickly because both of our current living arrangements had fallen through and we both needed a new place to live, so we went and got ourselves an apartment together. Most people thought we were crazy, but thankfully we didn't turn out to be the April fools they thought we were. It ended up working out wonderfully and we've been living together happily ever since. I don't remember who asked who because it was a mutual thing from the start. It was a very exciting day for me because it was the start of a new life and better times, and the future seemed limitless.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I moved in with my ex, three months after we got married. :lol: I had tour plans already set for a long time.

I have stayed in at my ex bfs flat as a test to see how it's to live with them. Fail. I should have done that with my ex-husband too, before I married him.