XBOX Original The Mountain Dew XBOX


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I am kicking myself now, but we were one of the lucky ones to win the "Hulk" Mountain Dew XBOX. It was a once in a lifetime event where you actually won something good under your pop cap. It was all green (I thought it was quite ugly) and came with the Hulk game. We sold it for pretty much the price of a regular XBOX to some friends.

Now, our PS2 is broken, and I wish we still had it. I do have my Nintendo still, but it seems like I am going back in time. In a way it's nice, because it brings back some memories, but still. I think you know what I mean. I am just having Burnout 3 withdrawls :(


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You really shoulda tried selling it on ebay first.. people buy everything on there. I've never won anything as big as an Xbox.


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You would have gotten good money for that thing on EBay. The love rarities like that.