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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Raos, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Raos

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    Who would you say is the most powerful person in the world right now. years ago, most would say whoever the President of the United States was at the time. Things have changed though and the US is no longer the same sort of power it once was. Does the President still command the same power as he once did or do you think there is another person (political or otherwise) who now holds more power?

  2. Merc

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    Not to derail the thread, but why has the US lost some degree of power, as you have suggested? If anything, it may have increased since Obama is so fond of his foreign ratings (and not his domestic ones). Call me paranoid but I think the most powerful people in the world are never seen on television.
  3. Raos

    Raos Registered Member

    Between the US economy tanking and other countries gaining power the US does not hold the stature it once did. There used to be a number of super powers. Then there was only the US. Now, there are some who would debate whether the US is still a super power.

    I tend to agree with you that those with the most power are unknown to the general public. I have nothing to back this up, but it is just what I think is probably true. That being said, let me rephrase the question to ask who do you think the most powerful publicly known person is?
  4. viLky

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    I never saw the president of the US as the "most powerful" since his "powers" have restrictions. He can't do whatever he wants, he has to follow some sort of standards and obey the laws. Even though Bush sort of ignored some of those laws when it came to wiretapping. :D

    I'm-a go ahead and say some random Saudi oil owner. You ever see an YouTube video of... I believe in Dubai where they create artificial islands? Damn! Even though that requires a lot of money it still equals power. Heck, money + oil > temporary presidential powers.

    My final answer would be the kings of oil in middle eastern countries. Extremely power, extremely rich while not mainstream like our president with a time limit on his restrictive powers.
  5. Raos

    Raos Registered Member

    Just to play devils advocate, then why is Sadam dead at the hands of Bush?
  6. Wade8813

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    If anybody's a superpower, I'm pretty sure it's still the US.

    That said, I wouldn't be surprised if the 9 members of the US Supreme Court each have more power than the President. They can overturn anything he tries to do, it's almost unheard of to overturn them (except by a later SCotUS decision), and they're appointed for life.
  7. Raos

    Raos Registered Member

    But they do not have any power by themselves. Together they have a lot of power, but as individuals, who is the most powerful?
  8. Wade8813

    Wade8813 Registered Member

    Considering how many of their decisions are decided by a 5-4 split (which is highly disturbing if you ask me, but that's another topic), I'd say each of them is individually powerful.

    Besides, so many things the president does, he can start on his own, but he usually needs approval from the House/Senate.
  9. fractal

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    What kind of power are you talking about? If you're talking about psychological power it's probably Osama bin Laden. If he ever releases a video taunting anyone, so many people will start moving. He's like a God in the terrorist cult.
  10. Raos

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    Politically you may (or may not) be right, but do you think your answer still stands when discussing overall power, not just political.

    For instance, if Sonia Sotomayor walked up to someone in your local supermarket and said "this is an emergency. I need you to (fill in the blank) how many people do you think would even know who she let alone listen to what she has to say. If the president came into the same store though you can imagine a different scene and I doubt anyone would deny him whatever he was asking for.
    I am talking about overall power. Political, emotional, psychological, religious, and anything else you can think of.

    Great answer. I had not thought of Osama, but I think you are on to something.
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