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The Most Powerful Athletes: Top 15 Most Powerful Sports


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The Most Powerful Athletes: Top 15 Most Powerful Sports Figures (PHOTOS)

I love these type of list. Not really surprised that Peyton is number one. Kind of surprised with the number two spot. I knew he was going to be on the list but didn't expect him to be that high(I'll let you see for yourself)

I'm surprised with some of these selections though, I'm surprised with some of the Olympians they have on the list, like Ohno and Vonn. I know they had great years, but I didn't expect to be that high. I have no clue what Lance Armstrong is still on the list, he shouldn't be near the top fifteen. Another surprise what Tiger Woods still being near the top with a down 2010, I thought he "lost" a lot of support and such with his down year.