The "most Overrated" Anime


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Every now and then we face things that are really popular and\or with a hge amunt of hype surrounding it, and after we experienced it ourselfs we cant help but to think: "Why the hell is there so much fuss about this?!"

Our tastes and opinions are always subjective, sometimes biased almost instantaneously.

So, Lets post some Anime related things that we find Overrated to a point of no return, no matter how others try to pwn into your head that The episode you just saw and everyone at shcool loves it, doesnt suck.

Oh need to tell that flaming is useless, so keep it simple.

Things i find overrated:

one piece
Full metal alchemist

When you start watching a show and immidiatly feel the urge to slay in a very slow and painfull way the main character its a sign that you wont connect. in the case FMA is a bit different, it has a good story, but everytime the kids speak i feel the need to pwn a porc chop


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I renamed this thread to "Most overrated Anime" for clarification.

Also, I'd say the "Gundam Wing" series was epically overrated. That stuff was so boring, at least to me.


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Cowboy Bebop is grossly overrated. It was a decent anime that barely kept my attention.

There were a few really good episodes but other than that it didnt come close to matching the hype.


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I'll agree with Deathnote as well. I caught a few episodes on TV once and got really excited, but it was just dialogue, dialogue, and more dialogue. I think in one of the episodes, someone got killed, but overall there wasn't much action. I think it's probably a lot better in manga or even novel form.


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Oh i see, but you can also post about characters, specific episodes etc... in the Anime context feel free to explore =p


Death note is all about phycological battles and mind games, words play an important part and differes from the regular shounen that basicly bases on action.

Oh and ALot of ppl die in death note, in fact most of the main cast Dies
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I thought Black Lagoon was overrated. It was a good show just not as good as I heard or thought it was going to be.

The first season was just meh for me. The second barrage was a LOT better than the first though.
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Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, and .Hack//Sign are all animes that are mostly involved with dialogue before action happens, but they're still kick @ss animes none the less.

Dragon Ball Z
One Peice

I find these anime to be highly overrated and annoyingly overplayed on television.



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One Peice

I find these anime to be highly overrated and annoyingly overplayed on television.

Huh... what? One Piece is annoyingly overplayed on television? Since when?

Cartoon Network stopped playing One Piece a long time ago. They finally brought the good dub to the light, and then they took it off before anybody could see any good in the series.

I love One Piece. It rocks for it's genre, and it's actually funny. (Not the 4Kids dub, it's not funny. The Japanese/Funimation dub is funny.)

The anime I think are overrated are:

Those are the series I've seen enough of to think "Meh." Naruto is full of boring stereotypical characters and predictable plots. I know it's characteristic of the genre, but come on...

FLCL, well everybody was talking about how amazing it was and I never saw it as that great. I watched it more than once and I still don't see what's so great about it.

I really don't care for the random, plotless anime types. =/

But truthfully probably all of the animes that get air time on the TV should be considered overrated... When you think of it like there are many many anime that never see the light of US TV.