The Most Mediocre Band Ever


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We have so many threads about the best and the worst bands in history, why not have a thread about those bands right in the middle?

For me, Godsmack comes to mind. Lots of mid-tones, pretty generic song structure, nothing really wrong with them. They're just not a "good" band by any of the common measures of quality.


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Hmm some ones that I have found rather "mediocre" from the punk and alternative seen:

Less Than Jake - These guys are a ska band playing in age where ska is pretty much gone. They have a few catchy songs between their 8 or so albums. Nothing stands out they get a decent crowd at their Warp Tour appearances but never wow anyone...

Plus 44 - After the age of Blink-182 Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus formed a new numerical band called Plus 44 (+44) without Tom Delonge. Intially they were going to be a piano alternative synth band and this was evident in their demo recordings. However, and abrupt departure from the band led to a change in gears and they put out a generic alternative album with some uptempo punk-like songs. None of the songs really stand out and their single was rather unspectacular. However, the band is young and has a lot of talent, in their next album they can alter their sound they could be one of the lead alternative bands in the market.


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I have a few that I would call mediocre, for me mediocre means that I'll only like a few songs from the band, a few songs is around 10 of them. So here's my list.

-30 Seconds To Mars
-Linkin Park
-The Cars

That's all I can think of right now.


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I'm a decent fan of The Last Goodnight, but their singing style is basically the same for the majority of their songs. Luckily, they're good at what they do, so it's enjoyable.


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Linkin Park would have been above mediocre if they hadn't made their remix and 3rd albums. Their first two were pretty good.

They are done now though. (Or need to be)