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The Most Famous Religion from China


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If I'm correct in the Karate Kid series Mr Miyagi teaches Daniel Buddhist teachings to help him how to live.
On Tv I saw celebrities such as Steven Seagal and Tina Turner that are supposed to be Buddhist.

I believe that Buddhism originated in China and spread throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.
If I'm wrong please correct me on this.

Here are the things I want to know...

1. Where did Buddhism originate? 2. How did Buddhism spread to other World countries? 3. Was Buddha a real man?
4 What does this religion teach and practice everyday? 4 What is a monk?

What does anyone know about Buddhism and in reference to these questions or even anything not related to them?
Ok Let's talk Buddhism.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I have little knowledge of Buddhism but have met a Buddhist and found her very likeable. Was out in front of a hotel not long after daylight having a smoke when she sat down beside me. I had just found out my husband had cancer and being so worried about him I had to tell her the whole story. She said she would do a chant for him. Guess they do that instead of praying.

I don't know what a monk is exactly but I figure its Christianity's equivalent of a minister or priest.

One misconception I had about monks was they were non violent. They can get very violent.

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims trapped in Burmese villages after mobs 'threaten to kill them all'

Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims?