The most dangerous position in basketball.



In my opinion, the triple threat is the most dangerous position when in sight of scoring for a guard. The body fake faking left to right or right to left, whichever may be the case, is more effective at getting by a defender than any dribble move, in my opinion. It is consider as the first step, and the speed you can pull off with it is greater than a sudden burst of speed from while dribbling. It is also less risk at losing control of the ball, even for the great ballhandlers. Then there is the pump fake, which Wade already demonstrated in the Finals, is very effective as well. If you can just put your defender a few steps back with just a hesitation move without putting the ball on the floor, you can get up a cleaner shot than off the dribble shot or a turnaround in the post. And if it does not work, you can also have another option of dribbling.

But other than Pierce and Vince, the rest prefer the dribble moves more.

If you are size dominant, a post position would obviously be best.


Okay...? Very interesting, I guess. I thought you wanted to know what position was hard to play in the NBA... Hmm... Never mind. I find this less interesting now. If only you had asked us "Which position is harder to play?" I would have answered that in a second flat. You want to know my answer?

Well, wait until someone actually makes that thread, okay? ~1ne~


I see where you're going with this thread, but it doesn't really offer too much discussion.

Kids remember, triple threat when you get the ball. Remember you can pass, dribble or shoot.


Aw, Here It Goes!
I say Shooting Guard because your constantly going to the rim and putting your body in the the way to allow you to have the best scoring oppurtunity.