Xbox 360 The Most annoying people on Halo 3 Live

Add you own if you please.

-10 year olds who will rip the shit out of you if you lose but when you're winning the quit the game and then send you messages regaurding that match.

-Katana bodies. Ok, now I know a couple of blokes with katana bodies and they're cool but there are other guys who have them and Oh My God are they fucking annoying, they spend ahlf the match talking about how crap you are when they're K/d spree is like -26. Most didn't get the Katana body fairly they use this language filter trick so it's a match of just them and then they just plan out all the attacks.

-Ghost Whores. I don't know what it is but something just compels thjese guys to go straight for that stupid ghost and use it for the entire match.

Not a very good list but I wanted some of you others to throw some in.


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I have not run into either of the problems. That was more Halo 2...

What annoys me the most about Halo 3?

When enemies spawn behind you.

How the Gravity Hammer seems to lose too frequently to other melees.

On Snowbound when people camp with the maulers inside the bases. Annoys the crap out of me.


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To be honest I play all the time and have run into very few unpleasant people. Not at all like Halo 2.

Then again I mostly play when friends are on my team. But not being able to hear enemy chat in games was a great feature that they needed.