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The Miz title reign


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The Miz as had a pretty long run with the title, he's had it since November 23, 2010. Few questions for you guys.

1) How long should it last?
2) To whom should The Miz drop the title?
3) To what extent have you enjoyed Miz' reign so far.


Haters gonna hate.
1) Forever. Or at least until someone not named Orton or Cena holds it. Miz to SD, anyone?

2) I haven't decided yet, but it should not be to Cena or Orton, I would consider him buried if that happens.

3) I have LOVED it. If it wasn't for him, we would probably be seeing Cena or Orton with the title, and that would be boring. Great job, WWE.


Where is my Queen?
1.) I think he should drop the title at SummerSlam, after that it would be to damn long for him to have the title.

2.) I would love to see him drop the title to someone that hasn't won it before like John Morrison or possibly Christian. I doubt he'll drop it to Morrison though. (Please move to Smackdown!!!)

3.) When he first won the title I thought he was going to be a transitional champion, probably dropping the title at RR or Elimination Chamber. I didn't originally like the idea of him main eventing Wrestlemania, but I grew to love him as a world champion. I rather have him as a champion than Orton or Cena. When The Miz drops the title it won't be the last time that he will drop it. He has proven to all the non believers that he is the real deal, and his promos are top notch.


aka ginger warlock
1) How long should it last?
The extent of how long someone should hold a title is all dependent upon how well the story lines and how many people they can bring in to help. The problem is that if someone holds it to long people get bored (cena) if they hold it to short you wonder why they bothered (j.hardy). I would like Miz to hold it for a bit longer but (and I know I keep saying this) they have to invest more, they need to get rid of riley and they have to allow Miz to break out on his own otherwise he will never be taken as seriously in my opinion.

2) To whom should The Miz drop the title?
I would like to think John Morrison could do well as long as he organizes his backstage politics, I also think that Seamus could have another good run. I am sure I will think of more.

3) To what extent have you enjoyed Miz' reign so far.
I was really not sure about it at first. I didn't think he was ready for such a big push and never really paid an awful lot of attention to him but I have really grown to like him. At the time of the Miz becoming champ I felt it was just another push because others was not available but I do find him credible these days.


I am the woolrus
Well, looks like i'm the odd one out here! I think Miz's reign has been terrible. You know i liked the Miz before he became World Champion, but i've gone off him more and more as time goes on cus i think his title reign has been absolutely awful, for two reasons:

1. He's been the weakest booked champion i can ever think of. I mean, in the run up to Wrestlemania, he hardly ever won a match cleanly, and the only ones he did was against Jerry Lawler after getting his ass kicked from pillar to post for 15 minutes by a 61 year old man. By the time Wrestlemania came around, i KNEW there was absolutely no way that Miz could possibly win cleanly and he didn't. I mean, it's all well and good booking someone as a cheater or a coward, but you can't book them THIS weak when they're WWE Champion.

2. I think his promos have been becoming very samey lately. His cheap imitation of Chris Jericho is getting ridiculous, and he just can't do it anywhere near as good. I know you might say "well his promos are making you not like him, so he's obviously doing a good job" but it's for the wrong reasons. The more i see him, the more unoriginal i think he is.

So i guess to answer your questions:
1. Not long
2. Anyone
3. Not one bit :p


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I lean a little closer to Wooly's thoughts probably. I think he's been booked terribly for the most part but I haven't hated the reign as champion either. I think it's been mediocre at best. The WWE title match at Mania was more focused on Rock and Cena then it was with Miz. I realize he won the match but I still didn't think he was focused on enough.

It might last to Summerslam but I'd prefer it ends sooner and to John Morrison. Which I realize won't happen haha

Anyway, my answers...

1: a couple months, tops
2: Morrison
3: its been mediocre
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