The Midas touch


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So here is the question of the night.

Would you want the Midas Touch? Is it a blessing or a curse? If you did want it what would you do with it?

I am not too sure if I would want it, but then it would be fun as hell to be able to turn anything into gold. Just remember to keep your hand away from areas that you don't want to turn into gold.....Goldmember :-o :lol:

So would you want it and what would you do?


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haha, who knows a 'goldmember' could be a hit with the ladies! ;)

No i think i'd hate to have the midas touch. I'd never be able to touch a person, an animal or even a sandwich with my bare hands! It'd be great to be able to turn it on and off! But all the time? No thanks.


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It would be pretty cool to get rid of shit you dont want an old bike, turn it into gold. Or if the boss is really pissing you off and he's such a wanker, turn him into gold....and then get your moneys worth


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As I typed my reply to this thread, my keyboard, computer and monitor turned to gold.

..just the thought of that makes me cringe. Talk about being cursed. :lol:


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As much as it'd be cool to have it, it'd be a bit of a curse too. I'd never be able to give my mother a hug again. That would suck. And yes 'insert goldmember joke here' =P


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see thats what I wondered about... would it still happen through gloves? Because if thats the case I could probably live life wearing gloves. Or is it just the Aura around the hands that cause the change?

I'm reminded of the skittles commercial:

YouTube - Hilarious Skittles Commercial

That would be epic suck if that were the case and theres no way in hell I'd want something like that.


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Yeah that's one of the best commercials ever made if you ask me. :lol:

And seriously though, wouldn't your gloves just turn to gold? Last I checked if it was true gold then you wouldn't be able to move your fingers because the gloves would be solid and not flexible.


Sally Twit
Definitely not. I like hugging too much. Plus.. I wouldn't be able to touch my boyfriend again. That ain't acceptable!


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Ooooh no way! I'd hate it! Definitely a curse to me. I mean imagine not being able to touch ANYTHING without it turning into gold. What if for a few minutes you forgot and hugged a loved one? And you wouldn't be able to eat unless someone fed you, which is just annoying.

If it was something you could turn on and off then yeah I'd love to be able to do it, but otherwise it would just be a total burden.