The Michael Jackson Assasinators(Parental Advisory)[Skit]

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    The Michael Jackson Assasinators[Skit]
    Written by Veloci-T
    Produced by Aftershock Records
    Album: Tearaway
    Inspiration: Maybe I shouldnt say it
    Approximate Time: 1 Minute-2 Minutes


    (Car drives down the street and stops)

    Veloci-T: Dude, why the hell did you bring that for?

    (Gun loading)

    Friend: To kill motherf***kin MJ man, he f**kin molested my father and killed him

    Veloci-T: Holy **it man

    *takes out and loads a .22 Calibur Bullet Gun*

    Veloci-T: Im ready, but I got a bad feeling about this s**t

    Friend: Godda**it, you gotta f**kin bad feeling about every f**kin thing we f**kin do!

    (Police sirens)

    Police: You are under arrest

    *Veloci-T starts engine*

    *Drives and do a wheelie and turns and shoots police gas tank*

    Veloci-T: HAHA

    *Hears Michael Jackson's voice*

    Veloci-T: I got him!

    *Attempts to shoot*

    Veloci-T: WTF?! NO MORE AMMO!!!

    *Shooting noise*

    *Michael Jackson suddenly drops dead*

    *Veloci-T Turns and see a police with a gun pointed in MJ's way*

    Veloci-T: Holy s**t

    Police: We were gonna do what you were doing! KILL MJ YOU MOTHERF**KER, WE WERE GONNA TRY TO GET YOU TO HELP US!

    Veloci-T: I knew that

    Police: But since you put up such a great performance we honor you with the brand new award called the Police Honor!

    Veloci-T: Thanks! Hey, get uh...dude, where are you?


    Veloci-T: Dude

    Friend*mumbling*: Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus

    Veloci-T: omfg


    Good? Yes? No?

  2. See_Me_Fly

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    wait a min...wat is ur friend doing? anywayz, it is pretty funny...HAHAHAHAHA u broke their car and they still give u an award lol...
  3. dias2525

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    ok that was a little off the wall, and what was your friend doing?

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