The Mice have declared war....


Son of Liberty
.... and I shall retaliate.


Normally the Mice and I live together in a truce here at the office, every once in a while they'll chew on some papers of mine or crap all over my desk and cover my keyboard with filth. So I'll snag one of 'em with a mouse trap to even the balance... But last night they went a step to far. :bomb:

I was getting situated ready to start a good days work, took my ipod off the charging line and sat at my desk.... reached for my Sony MDR-ED21LP Ear Buds only to see they had been agitated. :shifteyes: So now panic sets in, my worst fears is that the mice have gone one step to far, I allow them to live generally peacefully around me as long as they dont fuck with my personal personal stuff, but low and behold.... as I slowly pulled the chord they had stretched behind my Computer tower I realized the storm was brewing.

Pulling in the Chord slowly with trembling fingers, my worst fear became reality. The mice had chewed just enough of the speaker part to ruin them. As my blood pressure boiled I grasped the tattered ends of the Ear Buds, raised it to the flickering flourescant lights above me and declared then that war is among us. Vengeance must be had, as the mice have accepted the inch I gave them, but also took a mile. The hell I am about to bring upon their minuscule world will be menacing, painful, and continuous. I will not stop until all of the current mouse generation in my office have paid for what has been done. Vengeance will be mine.


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damn I'm glad you're not in my office because every now and then some of the mice, rats and a bunny has gotten lose :/

Obviously the bunny was an easy target to snag but the other 2 weren't and traps were set.


Son of Liberty
muahahaha its funny you mention a cat. In our office we actually have dogs that run around. My dog is a Rat Terrier.... she is flat out hilarious to watch when she's trailing a mouse. She'll wait for it to pop out of the hole and then she'll chase it down and stomp on it Whack a Mole style.

She's done her fair share of mouse hunting, but I agree... now that we're at war she needs to step her game up. I may have a talk with her, get the game face goin ya know.