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TV The Mentalist


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I like how there's always someone in at least each episode who is forced to pull an expression of absolute confusion or offence because of something Jane does. Whether it's a copper or a suspect or even someone on his own team. Someone always gets won over by him in some mediocre way... I like how this breaks up the actual case he's on. His little antics. The mischievous side to his personality is what I like the most about the character, and his calmness with the mischief - as you pointed out CGSA - also adds to it. His indifference perhaps?

Favourite moment so far that I've seen was the episode in which
he builds a massive sand castle
- Made me laugh that did. His crew's all off investigating and he's doing that. Hilarious...


Sultan of Swat
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Spoilers below:

Anyone see the Season Finale of The Mentalist? It was awesome, one of the best episodes I've ever seen. Patrick finally was face to face with Red John. At first he didn't really believe it was him, but then Red John decribed his wife and kid, and he knew right away that it was him. He had gun in his pocket and killed him. At the end you only see him sit on a chair and raise his hands when the police show up.

Can't wait to see how next season is going to start off.


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Why wouldn't you put spoilers around that instead of saying 'Spoilers Below' so someone doesn't accidently see that.

I agree though, it was a good season finale.