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TV The Mentalist Season 4 discussions Spoilers


Sultan of Swat
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Season four started a few days ago and I finally had the chance to watch the first episode.

Last season finished with Jane killing "Red John" at the mall.

Jane was interviewed by two police officers and they told them that the man that he shot was a normal person and wasn't "Red John" at all. He went to court and decided to stay in jail to think of things over.

His unit was suspended but they still decided to help Jane and try to find answers.

Lisbon doesn't really believe Jane, so Jane finds a plan to get the million dollars for his bail and help his team find the truth. He played a game of poker in prison. Obviously, Patrick was able to win that game and made bail :lol:.

Jane and Lisbon decided to go to Sally's house who's the wife of the person Jane shot so he can find out for sure he didn't kill the wrong person. While that was happening the security guard that was at the scene of the shooting got killed, which is mysterious to say the least. Jane started to ask his wife if he was hiding any secrets, she eventually got mad and asked him to leave. Obviously, Jane decided to sneak back in a few minutes later. He hid in the closet since he knew she would help him find some evidence. Sally went downstairs when everyone left and when she went downstairs we found a girl that was apparently missing, it was pretty crazy. They arrested Sally.

Debbie was asked to take the stand, and she thanked Jane for rescuing her. After that, Jane pleaded his case on why he killed "Red John". And of course they leave you hanging, the show ends just before they make the decision on Jane's fate.

Alright, so this message is very detailed since I was writing this while I was watching it lol. Hopefully will get some good discussions on The Mentalist this season. I'm curious to see why Gale wants Jane to stay in prison so bad, and why he suspended the team and doesn't want to lift the suspension till Lisbon is feeling better. He's very suspicious.
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I missed half of season 3 and will be looking forward to catch up on that before starting season 4. I think that Mentalist has done a great job dragging the series for a fourth season after everything.