I <3 GF The meaning of your avatar & signature?


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The meaning of my avatar that it's obviously a football and a boot, it shows my love for football and as for the signature, it's just a line that I found catchy and it shows that I am fond of my backround.


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The meaning of my avatar is... nothing...
the meaninng of my signature is... nothing..
pretty sad... Its just that I don't feel like uploading or editting anything.


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My idol is Babe Ruth that's why I have a Ruth avatar, and same thing with my signature. I have one picture of Babe Ruth and I also have a quote from The Sultan of Swat.
My avatar is a screen cap from a great comedy sketch.

My sig is a quote from Duke during chat one day and a line from a comedy article that I like.


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Avatar should be pretty easy for anyone who has seen the advent children movie. I just took one of the still frames from it, filtered it a few times in photoshop to make it black and white and to get rid of some of the detail, then I offset a second layer and changed the transparency a little to give it some motion.


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I have a pod XT Live FX paddle that just blows my mind

I also have to share a Michael Kelly Hybrid with my sister and she really pusser me off