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The "Losers" Pool


Registered Member
I'd go out on a limb assuming people have played this type of pool before. Basically, each Saturday each person picks one team that will lose, they can only pick that team once (Unless all of their picks are the only teams playing), if that team wins, they are eliminated. If the team you picked loses, you carry on to the next week. What's the prize? I have no idea... a special title? A cookie? A little "Biggest Loser" avatar?

I will give it a bit of time before the first week starts so I can compile the list of players in this post.

Rules: Pick who you think will lose. Shootout loses do not count and will eliminate you. If they lose, you advance. If they win, you are out.

Saturday, October 12th is finished. We lost a couple. Only the Canucks currently left playing. Next Saturdays game posted below.

Saturday, October 19th is finished. We lost everyone minus myself and EdgeHead.

Saturday, October 26th is finished, we had a tie. Edgehead and Myself go again!

Saturday, November 1st:

Chicago at Winnipeg
Anaheim at Buffalo
St. Louis at Tampa Bay
Philadelphia at New Jersey
Boston at NY Islanders
Carolina at NY Rangers
Florida at Washington
Pittsburgh at Columbus
Toronto at Vancouver
Montreal at Colorado
Detroit at Edmonton
Nashville at Los Angeles
Phoenix at San Jose


Crypticshock: Current Pick - Coyotes | Recent Picks - Devils, Flames, Sabres
EdgeHead: Current Pick - Devils | Recent Picks - Flyers, Sabres, Rangers


The return shall be legenday!
In other words, a survivor pool. I'm do down for this..I'll make my picks a day or two before the season gets underway. Great idea :)


Registered Member
Yeah. Around here I always heard of it called a "Losers" pool. There's a guy at work that does it for his son's hockey team, like 800+ to the victor.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't think there's a limit of people. Anyone can join if they're interested.

Count me in. Should be fun.
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