The Lopsided Supremacy of the Western Conference


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I found it interesting: during last night's Sharks broadcast, they showed a stat.

The West is 16-3-3 against the East.

Any thoughts? It seems to me that minus Buffalo there really aren't any killer teams in the East. The West has Anaheim, Minnesota, Dallas, and San Jose, while Ottawa's not doing nearly as well, and generally there seems to be less fight in the East.

Any thoughts?


Yeah, there are a lot of great teams in the West, and so far in the East really it's just Buffalo. Our division is just a bunch of around 500 teams.


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The season just started my friend, you guys might have the best record, but we have the better teams in the East, I am not saying that the teams you just mentioned are no good, but just wait, and you'll see what the East are made off, we have teams like Buffalo, Atlanta, Habs, and others.


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Like Vince said it's early. Buffalo is doing unexpectedly well and the East has tons of contenders. My Rangers are heading out West after Wednesday's game against the Panthers so we'll see how they challenge the West.


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The west is having another of those top notch years against the east for sure. The Ducks,Preds,Sharks,Wings,Flames and more are just plain better then alot of teams in the east. The east best teams without a doubt are the Sabres and the Devils followed by the Trashers but the west has teams that are just as if not better and I think for the first time since 2002 we will see a stanley cup champ come from the west this year.


The West does have a lot of strong teams but they still can't find a way to win the Cups recently, it's been a while since Detriot was tearing up the league. However, the last two West representatives have been Canadian teams, so hopefully that trend continues.


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I disagree with the statement that its been awhile since the wings tore up. Last season was a dominating one for them but like usual they find a way to blow it. If were basing the performence on the playoffs then yes its been awhile since they tore up but something like 52 wins last year or the year before I can't remember lol , it as close to tearing up as we are likely to see.

I agree that the the trend should continue but hopefully we'll finish it off this year despite im still ripping about game 6 a couple years ago. THAT WAS IN and we all know it but its in the past. If a team from the west (canadian team) goes all the way I thinks it'll be Vancouver