The little red book


Babeasaurus Sex
So here it is,

I feel it needs to be said, I'm no hero. Just wrong place wrong time I guess. I can't have this approval. Anyone would have done the same thing right?

I think so. I hope so.

I hope you don't mind though little red book but I shall use you to explain the events as they happened. I can't do much else but tell my story and there isn't time to find someone to tell.

________________________ Chapter 1 _____________________________

The walk went well, she held my hand we laughed and kissed under the trees. She was beautiful when she laughed, her hair fell around her like a golden ocean enveloping her petite frame. She stroked my hand as she lay on my lap. The heat of happiness rose from somewhere in my chest along with our synchronised breathing.

There isn't much I don't remember about her that day. I couldn't tell you what the park looked like, whether the birds sang or the hobo was at his bench but her....I saw everthing, every line, every smile, every move.

I'm sorry. I can't talk about that now. I'm deviating from the story.

So once she was home I carried on my way, happy and humming as I strolled. Some boys ran past and I barely noticed as they shouted back at me. Now of course dear book, it's all so much clearer. Now, of course, all the details are at the forefront of my mind. In my euphoria I took them all in but noticed nothing.

It was a cool day. Autumn was high and the tawny colourings caught my eye. I became aware of a man walking behind me and pulling my coat closer to my chest I began to increase my walking speed. It's not unusual now to have people behind you but the feeling of the air made it hard to ignore the fact that there was a sinister presence.

Of course I sound silly now. You can't feel my shivers, my heart pounding. This man new what I was. He smiled as I looked round but there was no warmth in that smile, no cheer, just cold, smug, anticipation. I scanned my surroundings. Nowhere near home and I knew no one in this area, aside from her and that was not an option.

With one last quick glance behind me and heart thumping unmercily in my throat I ran, far and fast with blood flooding my head and dizziness creating a bigger obsticle than my lack of direction. He was behind me, I could hear him gaining speed a roar of anger and annoyance came from his twisted mouth. I'm no athlete, it was only a matter of time and I didn't see the rock but I felt it connect with the back of my head and then there was silence.


Chapter two coming shortly!