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The Lingering Death of the Two Party System


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When did it start? Or, more importantly, when did it become terminally malignant?

I see platforms as the cancer of the two party system or three or more party system. The platforms are proof positive that the non elected are in control of America. Problems should be met head on, not considered with a pat, in place party LINE. Integrity is lost when our choice is party loyalist vs party loyalist instead of the best candidate.

Every issue/problem/etc. should be approached bipartisanly. The two aisle seating arrangement is just plan nutso.


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When did it start? When did it become malignant? I don't know, long ago I guess. I agree, it is a problem. But what is the solution? I am not aware of a better system, so how do the country class reclaim government from the ruling class? I hope we find a way soon!


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SmilinSilhouette; said:
But what is the solution?
Get rid of the simple plurality voting and replace it with proportional representation would at least make it attainable to curb the current trend.


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I will assume you speak of Republican and Democrat parties of America?

I read something not long ago about this and wish I could remember the link... It said basically some of the major problems with the 2 parties of America in particular.

First I remember was how when a party member is elected he/she either gives up their ideals or is pressured to for the good of that particular party, not the good of the country.

Second and I found this most fascinating, (my numbers may be a little off but is the best I remember) The average American makes I think it was $40,000 USD per year (or close to this) where as the average is over $120,000 USD per year for an elected official. This seems to me to be an oxymoron? Since when does the Employee (elected official) make three times more than the Employer (the voter)?

In Estonia most government officials make very slightly above the average wages for an average Estonian. The average Estonian makes more, then the officials makes more. This keeps them "in line" so to say, to keep their goals pointed at the good for the average Estonian and Estonia as a nation.

There was more to the article but these were the 2 biggest points I found interesting.