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The Life and Death of Midnight


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first off, Midnight was one of my cats. He was really cool

He had completly black fur, green eyes, and a natural mohawk, yes thats right, a natural mohawk (kinda like his fur was put on backwards).

He was about 4-5 years old.

He always had problems, he would sneeze and cough. Vet never though anthing of it, though it was allergies.

Well today I had to bring him in because he wasnt acting right, and hadnt eaten in awhile, I noticed today that he was very thin. So they run all these tests, everything comes back negative.

Finally they too a x-ray, and come to find out hes only useing 1 lung to breath, and the one he is useing is 1/3rd full of liquid. the other was completly full.

Vet wanted me to spend $1,800 just to try to keep him alive, but said there was very little hope for survival. I did the humane thing and had him put to sleep.

Heres a question for you all. Why does it hurt just as bad to lose a family pet as it is to lose a family member?


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I'm really sorry for your loss. I know how it feels... One of my pets was put to sleep....



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Sorry to hear that, dude. Losing a pet can be devastating. We had to have our dog put down last year and it was like losing a family member or best friend. Not surprising considering you always have them around and you take care of them for so many years.


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Heres a question for you all. Why does it hurt just as bad to lose a family pet as it is to lose a family member?
Because a pet isn't just some animal. After even a single year (let alone 4 or 5), a pet has become a lynchpin of your life. Something, or rather someone you see every day. And when it's dead, suddenly that part of your life is gone.

I lost my cat to sickness when I was about 11. I empathize with you and your loss.
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I have a dog right now that has been around since I was a kid, and has been through two moves with the family. She's always been a good dog and it's going to suck majorly soon because she's got this big open wound/tumor on her back, and its starting to look pretty bad. Losing pets sucks.


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This has all happened within the last hour and a half...

Thanks for the wishes...

Hardest part was telling my Daughter, it was her favorite kitty


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I'm sorry for what your going through right now. Putting my cat Misty down 2 years ago broke my heart.


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I am so sorry, I know how much he ment to you. I think you and your family need to do a memorial service so that all of you can say good bye. I know you were there with him but they weren't.

and as for your question..that's easy

They are our furry kids, when we have to put them down we feel guilty because some part of us thinks we could have done something diffrent and they wouldn't have gotten sick or hurt, and to that piont we love them and though we know we are doing whats best for them we are loosing a part of our selves...

You know I love ya,


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Im thinking about doing just that (after you suggested it)

Ber we are haveing him creamated and returned, Im going to take a picture of him and his tags and put it in a frame, best kinda tribute I can think of.

2 hours now, and im still feelin down in the dumps. It will probably take awhile to get over, but I think talking about it helps more than anything right now

not the best pic I have, just the only one I have on my computer at the moment

wow, looking at that pic brings back memmories, I dont even have carpet in the house anymore
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I think it hurts so much because, similarly to a good friend, a cat dosent judge you...

Im so sorry that happened. I hope you and your family feel better