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Nintendo The Legend of Zelda - Series


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As many of you know. I embarked on a Zelda quest about 10 years back and posted regular updates on the forum for a while. My plan was to play through every Zelda game in the series at the time (which ended with Twilight Princess at the time) I never really reported back but I finished probably about 80% of what I had set out to do and completed the more recent games in the series.

It's a truly incredible series and definitely my favorite on Nintendo. They're all among my favorite games ever made.

I retain the ability to play all of the games on original hardware (with the exception of the two DS titles)

It's been around for about 35 years now. Incredible that it's not only lasted but now it's more popular than ever.

Anyone else play Zelda?


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I'm currently playing the Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild on the blue-red Nintendo Switch system. Also I wanted to try some of the other games in the series and I did. Those are not easy to find but I played Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask on an old Nintendo 64 gaming system. Also I played Windwaker and Twilight Princess on an old Game Cube system.
Only Breath of the Wild is on par with real online gaming since items can take damage and weather is a serious issue but the cut scenes are not as creative imo.