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Movies The Last Airbender


Likes snow
I'm conflicted. On one hand is my love of Avatar. On the other is the fact that it's directed by M. Night Shalayleighman. I don't want to find out that in the movie that Fire Lord Ozai is deathly allergic to Sky Bison.
I just saw the like, all white main cast. I'm less hopeful now. (Like Aang being white, totally fine, Sokka and Katara are obviously not though)
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Problematic Shitlord
It looks pretty neat. I'll admit that I've never watched the cartoons but I know people that watch 'em so I caught glimpses. I've actually thought about picking up a season. Perhaps I should do that before the film comes out.


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I'm a big fan of the cartoon series, hopefully they do the right thing with this movie adaptation AND STICK TO THE ACTUAL STORY!
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