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Movies The Last Air Bender movie


I ♥ Haters
I'm just gonna say it - it was atrocious. After I saw the movie, I researched the anime (as I am not a fan of the franchise) Turns out, the anime is a bijillion times better than the movie. I can understand that the director probably wanted put his own "artistic twist" on it, but it was just a horrible attempt. There's bits and pieces missing and nothing really makes sense. Even if you disregard the anime, and just look at the movie for its own merit - its just plain bad. The entire concept of the film seems rushed. Was there really any point in making it 3D? The entire movie is shot in the dark, the 3D effects actually hurt my eyes. M. Night Shylaman has not had a good idea since The Sixth Sense, maybe The Village (which really wasn't that great either.)


A Darker Knight
I have heard nothing but awful things about this movie. They made it seem so epic in the trailer, but those were probably the best parts of the movie.

Even an Avatar fanatic I know had one of those "They did the best they could" comments after the movie. I guess I"ll be watching this on the airplane.


Do What Thou Wilt
My god the TV show was awesome. The ONLY Anime (IMHO) worth watching.

And then Shamalam (or however the fuck you spell his name) really fucked the movie up. Aang, was NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING as he should have been. The movie was hugely rushed. And it was by no means a short movie, but if it was maybe 45 minutes longer, and with all the proper characters, and a proper storyline, then it could have easily been a great movie. But, if you haven't seen the TV show, then The Last Airbender could have been a "meh" movie for you......


"Expect the unexpected"
It is absolutely amazing the amount of negative criticism that this film is receiving! I haven't seen it yet but based on all this buzz, I am a bit disappointed..........I mean, the trailer didn't look 'half-bad'.