The Kobe Effect



this was a thread i found on M2 and it shows a graph of Kobe's influence on individual teammates over the past 2 years

I posted this in another thread but might as well share it with all the Kobe fans here. I made some graphs of Kobes influence on his teammates the past 2 years. I charted his affect on a players eff. fg%, PER, and Scoring oppertunities. I call it the Kobe Effect

These are some real amateur graphs but I dont think its any coincidence that every player hes played next to experienced significant boosts in eff. fg% You really have to respect Kobes ability to generate good open looks for his teammates. Not all of it is him but he plays his part. The problem is that if you were to take out Caron Butlers sophmore season, every player on the list except for Mihm experiences a loss in pts per 40 minutes. Supporting the argument that maybe Kobe should share the love.

Lookin at the players PER, the overall trend is that Kobe really makes his teammates better, but that shouldnt come as a surprise because any player who recieves that much defensive attention should be makin his teammates better. What I want to do is expand on this and compare Kobe to other superstars like Tmac, Pierce, LeBron, Wade, and VC to see who is the best at makin others better. Then we can judge Kobe on a higher level.

But untill then this should make haters think twice before sayin Kobe makes his teammates worse. Fact is we dont know who is the best at makin others better of the players who are at Kobes level but he sure as hell doesnt make them worse.

Ill be finishin this up whenever I have free time but if you want to suggest some players I should add to the list please feel free to add them. So far Im lookin up Tmac, Kobe, Pierce, Wade, LeBron, and VC.
The Kobe Effect



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That's pretty kool McClaren, but those stats doesn't really mean anything to me. Kobe doesn't really make is teamates better. I know those graphs proves me wrong but I watch the games he plays in, and it's all about Kobe. He's just like Jordan when he first began. He scored 35points per game, but never got is teamates involved. When started too that's when he became the best player to ever play the game, and he started to win championships without the Big Dominant Center.