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The Kenny King/TNA situation


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So today's birthday boy, wooly, posted about this in the Random Wrestling Thread and I thought it would make a good discussion. I'll start with a copy and paste of his RWT post so that he gets credit for being the first to report this news.

Hopefully this Kenny King thing with TNA works out long term for him, because it seems ROH are incredibly pissed off over his appearance for them. So much so that they have FIRED him:

Ring of Honor posted the following statement on their Facebook page about Kenny King. The promotion noted that as previously reported, King verbally agreed to an extension of his contract. The deal would allow him to negotiate with, but not wrestle for, another organization without ROH's permission. The statement also states that when ROH was informed of his intent to wrestle on Impact that they said it would violate his agreement, which he said he felt wasn't fair and he would not honor. They added they won't be doing business with King going forward.
Full article: 411mania.com: Wrestling - Ring of Honor Issues Statement on Kenny King

I can understand ROH being protective of their wrestlers considering how much of their rosters have been snapped up over the years, but i don't think this is the most reasonable reaction. These X-Division tournament appearances are just one time deals at the moment. Kenny King is by no means signing a contract with TNA at this stage. ROH could have been happy he was in the limelight, impressing people, and raising his profile before going back to ROH. Instead they choose to fire one of their most talented wrestlers.

But you know what, good for Kenny King. ROH clearly don't rate him as much as they should, which is evident by the fact they let his contract run out in the first place. He should be a big singles star in the company by now, especially considering how thin the main event scene has been in ROH over the past year, but they obviously don't see that in him.

Wonder what will happen to the ROH tag titles now. Vacate them or get Rhett Titus a new partner? Either way, it's a big blow for him. He's always been the Marty Jannetty of the ANX, and i can't see a big future for him without his long time partner Kenny King.
I saw an update on Twitter this morning and it made me want to go ahead and get this thread started. ROH on Twitter linked an article to their page in which King makes a statement about the situation.

ROH World - Kenny King's Statement

(Note: During King's comments, there's a section marked spoiler...it doesn't really spoil anything, though.)

So what are your thoughts in reading that? I really think that King has a future in TNA and I'm hopeful that he'll win the X-Division title. I think that it's possible, he's not just another newbie wrestler. The guy was established in ROH for four years.

However, I have something nagging in the back of my mind...is there a chance this is all a work by ROH? Could King not be getting an extension with TNA at this time and ROH be allowing the appearance so that they can make a CM Punk-esque storyline out of it?

I'm guessing it's legit, but something to think about.


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You know it never even crossed my mind that this is a work, but who knows? If it did turn out to be the case then it would be really interesting. Also it would show the huge shift TNA is making as regards relationships with indy promotions. They've already announced they're gonna be working with CHIKARA more and to work with ROH in such a way, it'd be a lot more like TNA when it first started off!

But it is a lot more likely that it's not a work and ROH just under-appreciate the talent they have. I wouldn't be surprised. This is the same promotion that, when cutting down their roster size back in 2010, decided to release Austin Aries. The only 2x Champion in the companies' history. People often say ROH has a poor roster now because all their talent has been swiped, but that's really only half the story, they have themselves to blame as well.

Either way, if Kenny's gone to TNA full time he'll be huge. He's pretty much Shelton Benjamin with charisma, and we all know how far the gold standard could have gone with a little charisma!!