The joy we get from our children.


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There are a lot of worries and pressure bringing up children these days. It can be a struggle but we all do our best for our family. The rewards of seeing them grow up into adults and start out on a life of their own makes it all worth it.

Then there are the grandchildren, and so we start all over again.

I married and became a dad at 17 (the marriage ended 27 years later), and at 37 I became a grandad for the first time. Now at 48 years old I have three grandchildren, two boys and a girl, who I love to bits.

Every other Sunday my three daughters and my three grandchildren come here for the day and we all hang out and chat and amuse the kids, It's my favourite time of the week. My grandchildren are very happy and so funny and affectionate, it lovely to watch them and my daughters together.

Here are three short videos of my grandchildren taken at various times.

This is my eldest grandchild, he's 10 now. This was taken earlier this year when I took him out to play in the snow.
YouTube - TJ playing in the snow. Jan 2010

This is my granddaughter having a laugh with her mum (my middle daughter), this was taken in 2007, As you can see she's a happy lass.
YouTube - Lexie Laughing.

And this is the youngest, this was taken 8 hours after he was born last year.
YouTube - Eight hours old Oliver.

Whatever the struggles and the worries there are bringing up children it is easily worth it all. :)