The Joker is Breaching Taliban Lines

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    I thought this was a pretty cool article. Always enjoyed seeing military technology no matter how simplistic it is or what service it upholds. These particular beasts are called "Assault Breacher Vehicles".... What do they do? Simple... they save lives by taking the hits of IED's and Mines. Check 'em out:




    To me this is pretty cool stuff. I love seeing tools and equipment utilized like this in order to better protect the Soldiers lives.

    One thing I have to ask though, with IED's being one of the biggest fears I've heard of soldiers in the Middle East.... why havent they been using these Breachers already?

  2. Bananas

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    I have a friend who designs similar things for the MoD. A lot of engineering goes into making them, compromising weight/protection and calculating all the angles of deflection, maximum footprint etc...
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    That's pretty cool.

    I've skimmed other articles, and it sounds like this is a fairly new vehicle (and it takes a while to get new things to be widely available).

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