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  1. So I was clicking through the channels last night and I stopped at channel 7. There was a movie on called "The Island on Bird Street". This movie is extremely sad and made me cry. It is about a kid that is a Jew and he is trying to survive WWII waiting for his long lost father to return to him. The kids name is Alex and he becomes very creative. To survive Alex has to stay out of sight from the soldiers patrolling the island. So Alex creates a ladder out of rope and table legs. Alex climbs up to a blown up building where there is water and a mattress. Alex survived WWII and his dad actually came back and took Alex off the island and they become free.

    So the plot of this movie is a kid that survived the WWII hiding from the Nazi's taking all the Jews to a concentration camp. and it shows the things that he does to survive. Alex loved books and became a author. This movie is inspried by a real story.

  2. It is an alright movie, you do realize what war it is I is World War II. How you can just refer to it as "a war" is beyond me.
  3. Because I started watching it in the middle of the movie. I have just done some research and found out it was WWII.
  4. Considering he is a Jewish boy in trouble should be the dead give away, and any uniform the soldiers are wearing, or the clothes the civilians are wearing, etc.
  5. Yes I know. My history is not up to date. Sorry. I forget about those things. Lol
  6. It is amazing that they even still have public schools nowadays.

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