The Internet Starter Kit


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If you knew someone who was about to use the net for the first time, what sites and tools would you recommend they start with? This person is very capable, just new to the net, so what would you set them up with? This is not about your favorite sites, it's about what you think a new user should be aware of to get them going on the web!

I'd say my Internet Starter Kit would include:

Facebook/Myspace: One of the two to help them get connected with their friends, family and coworkers

Google: The standard in web services, it's a must.
A good way to kill time and be entertained.

I'll leave mine short to let people fill in their own.


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I'd recommend a very good anti-virus software for their PC. I'd give them the advice that not all free porn sites are safe. I'd also recommend You-Tube as a way of killing hours of your life.


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I'd recommend using Firefox. A good adware, spyware and virus remover. And several good websites (*cough* GF *cough*). Facebook is a good one. Google of course.
What's internet without a proper browser? I'd give them pros of Firefox and Chrome, or which they are most comfortable with. Not forgetting an email account, Gmail. Next Facebook for catching up with friends. For searching, Google. And a BBC News link for the latest news updates.


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I'd probably tailor it somewhat to the person. Definitely Google and Gmail. Probably Wikipedia. Maybe Youtube, maybe Facebook.
Anti-virus software
A news homepage
Social networking site if it was appropriate
Email account
IM of some sort