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So I noticed (and searched) that there was no actual thread for "The Incredible Hulk" and after seeing it I figured I'd put one on the boards.

I will admit, better than I expected.

A good balance of action and non-action sequences with a story that didn't have Nick Nolte in it.

One thing about it, I liked and disliked the beginning so to speak. I liked how it started off in Brazil after the incident had already taken place, but at the same time the montage (or epilogue) in the beginning I don't think tells you everything you probably should know, especially if you're not familiar with the series. However it starts in a place that hooks you immediately because it's past a lot of the melodrama that was overbearing in Ang Lee's "Hulk" and it's telling the story of Bruce Banner being the Hulk instead of becoming the hulk. On top of that the cinematography that was shot in Brazil was gorgeous.

After Banner gets back to the states the sequencing of events becomes more straight forward. Banner needs to find the data for the gamma testing > Banner needs to meet Mr Blue > Banner needs to cure himself. Obviously there are a few bumps and armored vehicles along the way.

Then he reencounters his apparently former love, Betsy Ross. The reason I say apparent is because I'm not too familiar with the Hulk series and was not entirely sure if they were romantically involved (one element I thought the montage should have portrayed more clearly). I really thought she was kind of a whore, since she really just phased out the psychiatrist who she was involved with at the time when Banner came back in her life. Didn't seem too chivalrous to me.

Then there's Abomination, the soldier that opted for the same treatment that Banner tested on himself (which seems very unorthodox and I thought it was originally an accident like in Ang Lee's adaptation) to become a "super soldier" to fight the Hulk.

It ends with the Hulk defeating Abomination, escaping from the city and following up to Bruce Banner, now in the U.K. woodland and, as interpretations and assumptions tell us, controlling his powers as the Hulk. Then with the surprise appearance of Tony Stark saying they're putting a "team" together hinting toward the forthcoming Avengrer's tale.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the ending. I was looking for a little more follow up, but not that much of a biggie there.

Overall, I'd give this a good theater rating. The CGI and action sequences were well shot, although the actions the military took made them seem more or less amateur than professional. Just by the rough jumps some of their vehicles took by driving on a grass field were a little jarring.

If I were to compare this to it's brother, I'd have to give "Iron Man" the medal. "The Incredible Hulk" was good, but I thought a few elements were just used and then left behind in the wreckage.

Your thoughts?
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It sounds so good then I keep hearing all these good reviews, but then I realize I have finals this week and I can't see it yet. I'm seeing it on Friday though. :)


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I was pleasantly surprised, too.

I haven't seen all of Ang Lee's Hulk adaption but with all the terrible press it got, I'm feeling a terrible need to see it now if not just out of morbid curiosity.


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This version of the Incredible Hulk is a must see. Just like Iron Man I loved this movie as well. Good story, good characters and great action.