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TV The Inbetweeners


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Last ever episode tonight people! I thought the sex episode the week before last was hilarious, definitely my favourite of the series so far. It works so much better when the situations are more believable. I feel like it's less funny when it trys too hard. The squirrel scene last week was priceless.

Edit: The last episode was good but I'm disappointed by how it ended. You think they would have made a bigger deal of it being the last episode ever. It was just so abrupt.
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i enjoyed this show very much, once again, that england show america , how to make a comedy sitcom ! in last couple of years, i would recommend from american sitcoms shows.

rules of engagement
the big bang theory
two and half men
it always sunny in philadelphia

i would recommend more, but they cancelled !


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I love this show, I watched it a few times before but only recently decided to go episode by episode. It's amazingly funny.

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I love the show, im still extremely disappointed that they didn't carry on making any more. They could have done so much more with the show.

And i still haven't seen the movie! What is wrong with me


Sally Twit
They are already in their late 20's, Danno. As adults I doubt they want to continue playing teenagers. And I know the guy who plays Jay has had a baby so he has another priorities now.
I heard there'd be some specials, though.


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Yeah James Buckley has had a kid now. To be fair they looked about 30 in the first series. They could do it where they have jobs or something, all working in the same office. Would be cool.
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