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Nintendo The "I'm Buying Wii the day it comes out" thread



This is for anybody who is 100% sure that they are buying the new Nintendo system the day it comes out or when they first get the opportunity to get their hands on it.

Signed, Michael Cocca.


Well good luck to you on that. I might consider it depending on what kind of games come out for it. The Gamecube didn't really do anything for me. There are only a select few of games that I would buy a Gamecube for, but I'm not gonna break my neck to get it. I just hope they have some games that will spark my interest.


I think I probably will if I have the money.

Just because I'm a Nintendo Fanboy.
(at least that's what I'm called).


l 7SIN Sasori l
Umm, I see this thread as useless as it doesn't cause much discussion on any matter. Anyone could come in here and lie about getting it and just spam that they are. If it creates alot of discussion then I will keep it open. If not, then it shall be locked in about 3 days. Talk away and prove it needs to stay alive.

Lebron James

I'm gonna too... The nintendo wii looks pretty cool and innovative. (and it doesn't cost as much as the 360 or the ps3)


This is usually just one of those threads where people come in and say *signs*

I think those only work on GameFaqs or something o_O

anyway...*signs*...as soon as I can get a Wii I'm getting one...and PS3, too, but I better start saving for a PS3 now =\