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The "I misunderstood a wrestling thread title" Support Group


Problematic Shitlord
Maybe you're just slow, maybe you chose to ignore the forum label when searching through New Posts, maybe you were just surfing too fast. Whatever the scenario, this is a thread (long overdue) for those poor people that get consistently turned around and confused by wrestling thread titles.

Despite the obviousness of it all.

Join. Learn. Heal.


Registered Member
My name is George and I misunderstand wrestling thread topics on a regular basis.


yellow 4!
I only just managed to get past the whole wrestling forum being obsessed with Impact thing.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
never have done this before


Lion Rampant
Actually Impact isn't very popular in GF's wrestling section.
I was clowning, though, the other day when I talked smack on the show while calling shenanigans on the much-publicized texting ejection incident. My sister and I have even decided to give watching it another try this week, after seeing a Rajah preview that didn't sound half bad (and maybe, at least subconsciously, because Matt v2.1 won't be there).


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I've been suffering from this for years! I'm glad there's a support group to help me get through it.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've never done this either. It's weird too considering that at any given time it seems like half of the new threads are in the wrestling section. Somehow I've managed to learn to surf around them automatically when skimming. :lol:


I'm serious
I'm not alone. *relief* At first I thought that I was all alone, which made me sad. Now I realize there are others, which makes me even more sad, but comforted at the same time. I suspect I might post in this thread regularly.