The Human Connection to Nature

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  1. Doc

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    So, I got to thinking the other night and I got into a very interesting rant. I'm sure some of the science might be a little skewed but I'm trying to make a point, not teach biology. Try to tough out a few paragraphs, I try to keep the science talk as simple as I can.

    So most of you should know by this point in your education that all matter is made up of atoms, which in turn are made up of subatomic particles (Protons +, Neutrons, and Electrons -). One atom of Carbon has six protons and an atomic number of six. That is how we identify it as carbon.

    All of the things that humans have created has merely been a manipulation of atoms in highly creative ways to create new and helpful, entertaining, or just flat out cool things for our lives. From the keyboard you're typing on, the desk your sitting at, and all the way down to the urine that is inside of your bladder right now are all simply an arrangement of atoms that make up the physical world.

    If you guys think back to your science classes you'll remember that we are a carbon based life form. Carbon is found everywhere in the universe, even in the sun. In billions of years the Earth, probably without humans as we know it, will be devoured by the very "generator" that gives us life as we know it.

    I'm really proud of you if you made it this far -- that part was so boring I had a hard time just typing it out and trying as hard as possible to keep it general and brief. Sorry if I mixed the facts up a little or took something the wrong way, it still doesn't change my point too bad.

    The point of this topic was for me to try to get some discussion going on just where the atoms that make up everything you are, know, or could possibly imagine have been in the fifteen or so billion years since the big bang (if you don't believe in the big bang or something similar, then just play along). I'm going to take the statement "since matter cannot be created or destroyed" to an entirely new level. Humans have this thing where we seem to think that we're special. We're not. We're just a blip on the screen in the history of the universe and the atoms that make up our bodies are just more proof that it is truer than we might want to believe.

    Think of an atom of carbon in your body. That single atom of carbon could have been a part of billions of other people, plants, or even came from the sun itself in some crazy solar flare. Even then you're only focusing on a minuscule part of that atom's life. Where was it when the dinosaurs were around? Maybe it was part of the mantle or blown out of the crust when the Earth was nothing more than a floating ball of volcanoes. How about when the Earth was forming?

    I really wish we had the ability, technology, and flat out curiosity to be able to learn and comprehend where individual atoms have been in their lifetime and just how important that really is to us, where we stand in the true timeline of the universe, and what has been/is to come of the tiny part of carbon that makes up the tears you shed.
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  2. Jeanie

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    see, this is why i don't think that we cease to exist when we die.

    very cool thread, steve. i thought about this a lot when i was taking an astronomy class in college. it changed my life.
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    We as humans cannot create or destroy matter, but God can and therefore we don't really know if the atoms that exist now have existed before or will never be destroyed.

    A different point of view from science, so no real need to discuss my reply.
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    Good post!:cool:

    I wish so too.
  5. Doc

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    Actually, I would like to discuss what you said a bit. The atoms are made up of subatomic particles, but what about the quarks that make those up? We know nothing about them. It is actually a very popular belief among scientific Christians that God is the one who controls the quarks and, in turn, is the driving force of the entire universe.
  6. Boredie

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    He does. I believe it. What I've learned is that God, after creating nature and all that is involved with it, He has let nature evolve and work on its own. So even though He has the power to control the quarks He doesn't necessarily do so.
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    Matter can be created and destroyed. Pairs of 'virtual particles' have a tendency to pop into existence, only to quickly annihilate themselves. This is due to their appearing in particle/antiparticle pairs. The law of conservation of energy still applies in general, since virtual particles don't stick around long enough to cause any longterm violations of it, but the law of conservation of matter doesn't apply to quantum mechanics.

    Stephen Hawking theorized that a black hole could 'boost' virtual particles into becoming particles proper. If a pair of virtual particles were to appear at the event horizon of a black hole, the antiparticle of the pair would fall into it and cause it to lose mass. A particle would then float free of the black hole, as if it were emitted by it. This 'Hawking radiation' hasn't been tested, but when the Large Hadron Collider goes online, it may be able to create tiny black holes, which would dissipate if Hawking is correct*.

    * Or they could grow beyond control and kill us all, but I prefer not to think about that.... :D
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    Then you get into sub-atomic particles, and how some can be in two places at once... In other words different dementions, so now do you still wonder where particles would have come from? Because we'll never know! :heh:
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    Particles can be in multiple locations at the same time in the same world, so I'm not sure what you mean by "In other words different dementions".


    I should mention that I agree with the general sentiment of the OP, and think it was well said. We are all composed of the stuff of stars.
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    Guys, you're both missing the point.

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