~The Human Casino Chip!~

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by kromsales, Apr 13, 2005.

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    Good Luck!!! I hope you find a very nice buyer.
    BTW, you need to fix a very important typo - you have Golden Place, and it needs to be Golden PALACE. A very important A.
  3. kromsales

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    OPPS! Thanks so much! I was so tired when I did that! LOL But couldnt sleep cause I couldnt stop thinking about the idea! LOL

  4. SamusAran86

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    Good luck with your auction
  5. kromsales

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    Thanks everyone. Now I just wish I knew how to get media attention now LOL
  6. jesudason55

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    Great Idea!

    Hey, you thought of the same idea I had, I was thinking to myself all those NBA teams have mascots...why not be the mascot for some kind of company!!!??? But let give you a suggestion, i think that if you will do it for a week, it will sound and look much better! OR you can even add, I can do it for a month - if the price is right! I will be your company's mascot for 1 month.....also the fact that you will be wearing a chip means that it will be a perfect ad opportunity for a casino company (Golden Palace anyone??? :) but not for let's say NIKE, I know that you know what I mean! So what you need to do is know your target market (all the companies that might be interested in this idea, and again because of the chip, it will be - casino companies, casino-resorts, casino-hotels...blah,blah,blah) and contact all those companies either by phone or be email and present them with your idea!
    Now about how to get the media attention: First of all go to PRWeb.com and create a professional press-release, they will then post it on their website and on Yahoo News if you choose so... After you have your press-release ready, contact AP, Reuters and all other major news companies and send them your-press release! Create your press-release to be as much intriguing as possible! Then contact all your local tv and radio stations, and send them your press-release! Also call AP, go to AssociatedPress.org and get a phone number for the local office (office closest to your location) then call this local number and tell one of the journalists about your idea....if he/she likes it your story will go nation-wide, if not....well you tried!

    I cannot guarantee the media exposure because of what I wrote, but hey it never hurts to try!

    Also write GoldenPalace a nice email explaining your auction, the more interesting it is to them, the more great chances you have! Here's their email: [email protected]


    P.S. Do you have a chip mascot ready?
  7. kromsales

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    Re: Great Idea!

    Thanks so much for your ideas! I already got 2 calls for interviews! One for local TV out here. And the other from the OK AP!! They are going to call tomorrow to set up a time! I am also going to call a few radio stations out here. I just got the approval for my release at PRweb.com. That will come out on the 15th. I am now going to have to hit the casinos and call them. Thanks for your help!!! :)

    Well press releases are out. Been on news and radio. Only 2 bids...but just got second one within 1/2 hour of being on news. So hopefully things will go well :)
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  8. SamusAran86

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    Re: Great Idea!

    WOW, you got GP to bid on your auction, and it still 5 days left.. GOOD JOB!!
  9. kromsales

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    Re: Great Idea!

    I think I am going to have a heart attack before this is over! LOL A store is bidding on it and wants me to be a diaper bag! LOL But Golden Palace has out bid them! 5 days is going to kill me LOL
  10. TatAD

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    GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!

    I Love it!!! The Human Casino Chip.
    I agree though. It should be at least 1 week

    Very creative!


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