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Movies The Horror Room


Registered Member
Not a thread for general horror film chat. Although, I suppose if you want to you can. Anyway:

I remember watching a film called 'Dreamcatcher' based on a book by Stephen King and featuring Morgan Freeman with enormous eyebrows.

I saw it on DVD and there was an interview on the disc with Stephen King, who went on to explain one scene's creation. In which, some critter gets someone in a bathroom, while he's on the bog to be precise.
King's reasoning was that he thought little of horrific value had occured in bathrooms. Well, I think I'd beg to differ.

In this thread, please highlight a film in which you've seen a horrific moment occur in each (or some, or more) of the following rooms:

1) Bathroom
2) Lounge
3) Kitchen
4) Basement (I bet there's millions of these)
5) Bedroom
6) Hallway/Foyer or whatever you call them.
And any other room you happen to think of if you want, perhaps on a spaceship or in a submarine or a dungeon or whatever. But some kind of quarters.

A few examples from me are:

*Bathroom: Psycho - A nutcase slashes someone up.
*Bedroom: The Exorcist - Poor guy flung out a window, down some stairs.
*Garage: Scream - Damsel in distress crushed in electric doors.

And so on. Give us your examples please :) We might be able to figure out which is the king of horror rooms.


Registered Member
I normally don't do horror...but you mentioned Stephen King, and I did watch the movie about his book, Cujo.
I saw bits and pieces of The Exorcist, when Linda Blair's head spins all around and when she took the cross to her genital area....that was crazy shit!...and that happened in the bedroom.


Mark ov teh Pond
So, I'm not entirely sure how this works. Are we limited to just HORROR films, or is this general horrific scenes? As in blood, gore, murder. One scene per area? Does it have to human?

Anyways, sitting here and trying to think of every horror film I've ever watched...

[bathroom] Species - a jealous alien bitch kills off competition.
[lounge] Deep Rising - a giant unnamed sea creature crashes the party.
[kitchen] -
[basement] (surprisingly I got nothing... basements are usually a prop because of its dark murky atmosphere, I can't think of many killings that actually take place there, at least not right now I guess I'll go with...) Saw - the entire movie.
[bedroom] Nightmare on Elm Street - Depp dies. Enough said.
[hallway] -

Best I can do, hope I was playing right.


Registered Member
Yep Pondlife, that's good enough.

Just horrific scenes in rooms, most of these will probably pertain to a horror film.
Another one from me.

Dining Room - Alien (1979) A certain critter manages to bust through Mr John Hurt's chest cavity in this film. Horrific - A brilliant film!