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Movies The 'Horror' Genre has been destroyed


Registered Member
How valid is this observation?
Under the conditions of a horror film, in which its primarily goal is to scare you.

Recent 'horror' films of more or less the last decade, have been very hit and miss when it comes to actually being scary. Or just complete miss entirely. Or so I've found.
As the decades flopped into this one, it's sorta become apparent that the scariness of horror films has decreased even further. To the point in which they aren't horror films at all, but come under other names that suggest they belong in that genre.
They're 'splattershock gorefests', unnecessary remakes that are more like thrillers than actual blood curdling terror pieces. Or they're silly sequels, zombie scenarios with little impact, or nonsensical hauntings, or hand-held camera jobs, or worst of all mergings.
They no longer leave a lasting impression.

I mean, think of all the horror films you've seen throughout the noughties. Chances are, the number won't even match the number of fingers you've got. And if they do, be honest, are half of them actually that scary, or can you actually remember that much about them?

Whereas, if you go back a few decades, dredging up a healthy list of effective horror films is an easy job, or so I find. Ones that held elements of terror to them, ones that included distinctly memorable set pieces or mind-haunting, despicably good characters.
As time whirrs on I find it sad to assume that the horror film may eventually dwindle into obscurity, only held together by the awesome features of old.

I'd like to think that in ten years time I can look back and say a lot of films of the past decade actually did scare me. But I can't see it.

Can you?
Do you think the 'horror' film genre is dying, or already dead, perhaps?
If so, do you have any extra thoughts on why you believe this is so?

Or do you disagree entirely?


Ms. Malone
I'm neither agreeing or disagreeing. TBH i've never really seen a film which has scared the shit out of me; in fact, i find blood and guts flying everywhere a touch amusing.

However, standards have slipped from the old days; which is probably why hollywood is remaking the old Jason and Freddie films. I think a good example would be Paranormal Activity :yawn: I haven't seen it, but it looks as stupid as those paranormal investigation shows on TV.

Maybe the genre shouldn't be 'Horror' anymore, maybe it should be 'Gore'.


Sally Twit
80's horror films are the best and my mind will never be changed.

I am sick and tired of the current 'horror' films because they seem to focus on attractive women being killed in their underwear or something.
It didn't used to matter what the character's looked like. It used to focus on the scary part.
I mean, look at Halloween H20 compared to the earlier films in the franchise. LL Cool J?! Josh Hartnett.. Michelle Williams. Beurk.

In the 80's it would focus on the tension, the music, the chase. I miss those.


I ♥ Haters
I think I've said this somewhere before, but I think Asian horror cinema kicks the crap outta Hollywood horror movies any day. I think Hollywood's gone way downhill in the past few years, what with the shitty remakes and all. They have totally run out of ideas. Even when they attempt to remake stuff from the East, they fail at it miserably.

I wouldn't say the genre is dead all together, but it's definitely gone downhill in the past few years.


aka ginger warlock
In a way I would agree but in another way I would not. I think it very much depends where you look and what you find scary or disturbing. I for instance loved "them" remade as "the strangers" and found it very unsettling. I re-iterate the story but essentially it is about a number of youths who terrify a couple by knocking on windows, knocking on doors, turning on alarms ect. Now if you describe it like that it sounds rubbish but your home is meant to be the safest place to be and I think most people would be freaked out by someone just looking up at you, you don't know why, you don't know they will do anything but they should not be there.

I think if you hunt out good horror you will find it but if you go by what tripe is being brought out of Hollywood then I wouldn't blame you for being upset and bored.


Registered Member
I think I've said this somewhere before, but I think Asian horror cinema kicks the crap outta Hollywood horror movies any day.

For some reason the Grudge really scared me. Not so much when I was watching it, but then I started having tons of nightmares spanning for a couple of years, all about the murdered woman's ghost haunting and possessing me. I've seen both the American and Japanese versions, the stories ended up being pretty different when it came to sequels.

It's been said already, but it seems lately that "horror" films these days are essentially gore-fest movies, which I don't particularly enjoy. The first Saw was entertaining because it was a little different than what else was out there, but it all pretty much went down hill after that. I don't even know how many sequels there are, but I saw one that took place after the original killer died, and I couldn't even watch the whole thing, it was just so lame.