The Holy Hand


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I'm beginning to think my tring to get people to buy my bibles isn't so bad!! Least I am selling something worth while!

Oh BTW, Mr Forehead lol.....the Bible you bought is going to a family that def does not have one! Finally figured out who to give it to!! Thanks!


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It could be the hand of Satan since it's a flamin hot cheeto but I wish them luck with this auction. May the Cheeto craze continue! There are more Cheetos on Ebay than Doritos. Cheetos win! lol.


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Darth Tater said:
well everyone has to try and jump on the "cheeto" or "dorito" craze.

A couple of years ago I found a teeny bug in my pringles can.....darn should have kept it. Maybe it was haunted or blessed or Elvis or something?


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Hehe. Anyone seen Jurassic Park? (stupid question.. of course you have!) Looks like Samuel L. Jackson's character's arm!

Oh Mr. Arnold... :lol: