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The Holy Hand


Registered Member
I'm beginning to think my tring to get people to buy my bibles isn't so bad!! Least I am selling something worth while!

Oh BTW, Mr Forehead lol.....the Bible you bought is going to a family that def does not have one! Finally figured out who to give it to!! Thanks!


Registered Member
well everyone has to try and jump on the "cheeto" or "dorito" craze.


Registered Member
Darth Tater said:
well everyone has to try and jump on the "cheeto" or "dorito" craze.

A couple of years ago I found a teeny bug in my pringles can.....darn should have kept it. Maybe it was haunted or blessed or Elvis or something?


Registered Member
Looks more like the hand of the guy on Robson Street that was aking me for some spare change!



Secret Agent
Staff member
Hehe. Anyone seen Jurassic Park? (stupid question.. of course you have!) Looks like Samuel L. Jackson's character's arm!

Oh Mr. Arnold... :lol:
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