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Movies The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


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Who else is excited for The Hobbit this December? What do you think about the fact that it's being split into three movies? I'm withholding my opinion on that until I see it. I have a lot of faith in Peter Jackson and I don't think he would have made this decision unless it was best for the movies.

It's also going to be in 48 frames per second 3D, which is apparently getting mixed reviews so far. Some people say it looks too real, while others are loving it.

I've not read the books but I'm a big fan of the LOTR trilogy. I might read the books before seeing the movie this December but that will depend on how much time I have.


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I am excited! I read LOTR books and The Hobbit as a kid and loved them all ever since. The LOTR film trilogy is amazing, definitely among my top 5 favourite films, so I suppose I have high expectations for the hobbit movie, too. I didn't know it was being split into 3 though! Wouldn't have guessed it based on the size of the book. Should be interesting to see how they do it.


I saw this last night and really enjoyed it. I loved Lord of the Rings and it was so nice to go back to Middle Earth again. Great movie.


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I saw the Hobbit last week, I thought it was alright...pretty good. It definitely doesn't have the 'epic' factor that lord of the rings does, in my opinion, but I still liked it overall.

The only 2 things I didn't like about it were, a) some of the characters and scenes were overly comical. I love the humor in LOTR, but the Hobbit felt like it was trying a bit too hard and the 'funny' bits were not funny and, I dunno, too modern? Can't really explain that one.
and b) It's too long. I don't understand why they split it into 3 movies. It should be 2 maximum, maybe even just 1. The book isn't that long at all.

I'm happy they made the movie, it's definitely not bad and I'll see the other parts to it for sure.
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I finally saw the movie yesterday with my brother...a few of my criticisms without spoiling:

-Like Bex said, some parts were too unnecessarily comical.

-Some characters and moments added from extra Tolkien content were fun, some were messed up. I didn't like their depiction of one character that I've always had in my imagination as badass.

-I totally agree, Bex. Two movies would have worked but three is too many. Although as much as I love Tolkien the more to enjoy the better. I'm just worried they'll make more mistakes. I like extra content from the appendices though.

-Peter Jackson is good, but...he's very Peter Jackson. Some moments unnecessarily turned into giant battles. He also added an enemy to too much prominence. This may help link something in the third movie, though...making the movies this long may give what I'm talking about purpose.

And things I liked:

-I like some of the smaller scale adventuring vs. having it be a giant epic war. Sometimes that's a lot more fun to me.

-I liked the characterization of the dwarves, and the actor playing Bilbo did really well. Gandalf the Grey is a ton of fun, as well. No offense Gandalf the White, but pass the red wine!

-The score and scenery were awesome. The sound was really well done as well.

I'm already stoked for the next one! Overall I really liked it more than any complaints I had.


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I got the special edition score for the movie because I liked it so much.

I thought that the movie was great, but I would not say that it was as good as The Fellowship of the Ring (just for a reference point). I understand that Tolkien wrote the Hobbit to be a little bit lighter and more easy going than the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but on screen, some pieces of the film felt just a bit odd. (there was simply too much sunlight in some spots). I just really enjoyed the dark style of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I also found that there were a couple of cheesy lines in the film that were most definitely unnecessary, but that goes along with the lighter feel of the movie.

Don't get me wrong, I thought the movie was epic and awesome. I'm just nitpicking because The Fellowship of the Ring is the greatest movie ever made in my opinion. :lol:

I also found the 48fps 3D to be awesome. I could definitely get used to watching movies like that all the time. I didn't feel sick after watching the movie because it wasn't in 24fps but rather 48fps, much easier on the eyes.

Now, we wait to see if there will be an Extended Edition of the movie as was true with the other 3 Tolkien/Jackson films.