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The Hichhikers Guide


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all long time no see. I don't know how many of us were duped into paying Ten Bucks to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. But I want my money back!
I am a huge fan of Douglas Adams. I even have the book cover tatooed on my leg.
But this!I don't even know where half of the crap in the movie came from.
Ceartinaly not from the book or the original BBC movie..I give this movie Three thumbs down. ( Doing your taxes is more enjoyable )

I was so disapointed. If you have little kids or you have never seen the BBC movie or read the book you might like it. But I doubt that you will.
Don't Waste Your Money....wait for 99cent rental day..

Catch ya latter................. :warp:


Registered Member
I have heard from a few people that this movie just blows. I am going to wait until it comes out in the dollar theater before I see it. From what I have heard it is not worth the full movie price. Will wait to spend my money on a much better movie.


Registered Member
I liked it.

However, I have not fully read all of the novels, so I may be missing out on something. It certainly was a quirky film to say the least.


New Member
It was funny but not the way it should've been. They made it so it was impossible for them to go on into the rest of adam's books. not to mention the fact that it was a travesty against all that i believe adams wanted.

But i thought that opening scene with the singing dancing fish was pretty funny, but that's just an opinion. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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wow, so far a overwhelming 3-1 vote against the movie. I guess I will have to make this a 99cent rental when it comes out.

Thats just sad... really sad!!


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It was a decent movie, but certainly not a classic. You really get the feeling that they tried to put too much into too short of a film. Almost like if they put all three LOTR movies into one film.


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If you're badmouthing the movie, you're also badmouthing the book. I don't know if you know but Douglas Adams also wrote the screenplay for the movie.