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The Hatfields and McCoys


Free Spirit
Staff member
I haven't thought about this story in years but after reading this I think I understand why the McCoys hated the Hatfields. Asa Harmon McCoy fought on the side of the Union in the Civil War and when he came home the Hatfields murdered him for it. Then they got into it over a hog, the McCoys said a Hatfield stole it. It goes to trial and the judge being a Hatfield guess who won the case, the Hatfields.

This story even has a romantic side of sorts. Roseanna, daughter of Randall McCoy fell for Devil Anse's son Johnsie, moved in with his family, became pregnant and the baby died at 8 months old. Did he marry her, no, he married her cousin, the daughter of the first person killed in the feud.

What a story, can you imagine living in those times with families that are bitter enemies? What do you think about this feud? Know any families that get along this well?

The Hatfields & McCoys: America's greatest feud