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The Harry Potter Trilogy!!


The Rock is cooking atm..
Has anyone seen the 3rd Harry Potter movie. Because I've been racking my butt saving up money to go see that movie. It's coming out in Australia on the 10th of june. (lol)I've only seen the first movie and it was great but it needed a better action view for me. The second movie is far beyond my reach and I think I saw a preview of it and it's been out for several months here.

Oh why the next Harry Potter movie will be the greatest one yet,I mean the one with Sirus's first appearance.


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I don't think anyone's sen it yet as it has yet to be released anywhere... I believe the premier has been done, but the movie wont be released anywhere till next month.

I have read all 5 books released to date, and I love the series. My mom and I will probably go see it opening weekend, besides Prisoner of Azkaban, we also want to go and watch Shrek 2, and "the day after tomorrow"


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I think it looks pretty cool, I would go see, but not on the first night it is released, I don't think it looks that good.


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I think it looks good, I will definitely go see it but not the opening weekend. Too many people in the theater. I think it comes out on Friday June 4.

The Fistinator

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:cool: the famous harry potter :) i heard the new movi is supposed to have way better special effects and stuff. It should also have more suspense and i think i will like cause it is gonna be more in depth with the everyones relationships, ron and hermione* err... yeah well anyway everyone must go stampeding and screaming when it comes out.


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I saw the first two at my mom's and didn't care for them. I'll skip this one.


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Well, then I have some time to get the money together, maybe I will take my wife with me to the movie.