The hardest thing to give up?


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What would be the most difficult thing in your life for you to give up completely? Maybe not forever but even for a few months or so? This can include relationships, hobbies, etc.

Mine would be computers. I am on one pretty much every day and spend a good deal of the day working on stuff. Internet would be a close second but can't really be first since computers are required for it.

If I wanted to get really technical I'd say electricity. I'd be lost if my power went out for over a month.


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Computers crossed my mind. After giving it more thought, one thing I know that would bug me a lot if I don't have it is: Access to news. It can be world and national news, or news about my family/friends. I've had a few days of not having the time or opportunity to pick up a newspaper, watch news on tv, read internet articles or discuss with someone who is socially aware. I felt so lost. :hah: When I don't have news from certain friends and family members after a number of days, it makes me feel out of touch. I need my dose of news.
It would be really hard for me to give up the internet, much as I dislike saying that, because it's not like I even need it for work or anything...

It would also be hard for me to give up potato. There, I said it. :lol:


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Right up front I want to answer computers but I know that there are much more important things.

Some things that would be hard for me to give up.

Friends & Family
Video Games
News (for reasons ysabel stated)

There are a lot of things that would be hard.

The hardest thing for me to let go of would probably be friends though, seriously I couldn't live without friends and family.
The hardest thing for me to let go of would probably be friends though, seriously I couldn't live without friends and family.
That reminded me of something. It would be extremely hard for me to give up my personal space/alone time, even worse than giving up computers :-o Never having time to myself, always someone there with me, no matter how many people, 10 or even just 1, I think I'd cry eventually!


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I think it would have to be the use of my cell phone, as bad as that sounds I'd be really lost without it. Not just because it's an iPhone, but also because I don't remember all the numbers on my phone except the important ones (like work, family members, boyfriend, and like one friend in Maryland).



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For me there would be a few. I'd hate to have to give up my friends, not so much family, and like Bex I'd go stir crazy if I had to give up my alone time. I think the biggest kick in the guts for me would be if I had to give up cooking. Its what I do when something really pisses me off, or if I'm upset cause it gives my brain something else to concentrate on.


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I would say that giving up comics or my family would be the hardest thing to do. I think I would go nuts without them. I just don't know if I could do it.


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Technology, for sure. I've gone without it for a couple of days while on vacation and whatnot...but to do without it for more than a week or so would be very, very difficult.