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The H2


Film Elitist
Now I've heard people and kids say that they like and would want this waste of a vehicle.

I really hate this poor excuse for a Hummer and have since then scolded the Hummer company for producing a soccer-mom's version of the once great Hummer.

As far as I am concerned this is just another worthless big-ass SUV.

What does everyone else think?


A Darker Knight
Someone told me that only rich bastards who want to show off their money, buy Hummers


eh...itd be cool as hell to have, but id like never drive it. too much gas and it looks like a pain to navigate and park


A Darker Knight
basically it's only cool to look at. I can only imagine how hard it must be to drive one


It's big, it's fat, it's ugly, it's got shitty gas mileage, it's slow, it can't turn, it can't handle, it's crap to park, it's crap on the road, and it's crap off-road. I think I'll take the X5 instead. :D


Yeah, I'd never buy one of these. Even if they made a hybrid version it probably wouldn't get more than 25mpg.


Forum Drifter
The H2 is the poor man's Hummer. Too bad though they are discontinuing the H1. That makes me sad. Now we are left with the H2 that everyone "blings" out and won't even take off-road. And we have the H3 which looks like it wants to be a new Jeep Cherokee. It's so small and shitty. Oh well. At least I was alive when the great H1 was still here lol.